Great Work Practices Mean High Productivity and Morale!

Patent - Work Practices

Oftentimes leadership thinks solely in terms of technical expertise. This is a mistake. The most effective leaders focus upon work practices. Work practices are the ways that employees get their work accomplished.

Without well defined work practices, employees do not perform at their highest capability. Leadership demonstrates their care and concern for the craftspeople and equipment by working with craftspeople to have the most efficient work practices.

If you do not have efficient work practices for your employees, you are sending them the message that you don't care about them!

A facility maintenance organization may consist of 50 people doing the work. A 10% gain in process efficiency results in the equivalent of adding 5 FTE's to the work force!

Dennis has extensive experience at work practice design and implementation. We use a team based approach. We break work practices down into several components.

Bulb - Work Practices

Edison said it best...
Great ideas are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration! The secret to success is implementation!

Here are some of the common work practices that are used at world class facilities:

  • Work identification and approval
  • Backlog review and purge
  • Work planning
  • Long range scheduling
  • Daily work scheduling
  • Work assignment, execution, completion, closure
  • Customer service feedback
  • Design change process
  • Preventive/Predictive maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Work practice measurements

Flow charts are essential for the design and understanding of work practices. Dennis has expertise to keep the flow charting simple and easy to understand by craftspeople.

Work Flow - Work Practices After flow charting, we write a narrative for each work practice. We compile a book of work practices. We provide training on the new work practices. The result from implementation of these work practices is outstanding performance!

And the cherry on top...
morale improves significantly! Craftspeople know and understand that you care about them!

A wise man told me once...
People Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care!


CMMS and Technology

How are you using your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)? Do you manage and optimize maintenance work with it? Or is it merely a work request to work order flipping system? Dennis has decades of experience with CMMS, let him help you to use this system to manage maintenance effectively at your facility!

Cell phones and iPads have the capability to transform and enhance the productivity of your personnel. Or they can destroy it! The choice is yours!

It is imperative that implementation of technology be performed in a manner that makes sense to the craftspeople!

Bottom Line Results can show you the right way to integrate technology into your work force!