Value Adding and Innovation!

Whether you are an owner or a contractor, you can benefit greatly and save money by using Bottom Line Results consulting services for maintenance alliance contractor services.

In lieu of full time maintenance staffs, many powerplants and other facilities are using contracted maintenance services from local, regional and national contractors.

It is often difficult to merge the contracted maintenance services with the plant requirements and work flow. Failure to do so results in additional costs, with sometimes large risks to safety, quality and schedule.

Plant and facility owners desire "value added services" from their maintenance alliances. Bottom Line Results has many innovative value added service methods for use by the owner or contractor.

Maintenance Alliance Services

  • Periodic on site representation
  • Remediation for poor performance
  • Assessment and path forward for excellence
  • RFP's for maintenance alliance programs
  • RFP evaluation criteria and selection assistance
  • Work processes for contracted maintenance work
  • RFP response preparation for contractors
  • Maintenance alliance personnel training
  • Facilitating periodic alliance review meetings
  • Project partnering and facilitation services

Project Partnering

When I was an owner, I expected my maintenance alliance partner to deliver the highest performance on projects.

One metric used by many owners is the test of project performance. If maintenance alliance contractors don't perform the majority of projects, owners may conclude that they do not have the right alliance contractor!

When I became an alliance manager, I developed a methodology for project partnering. This methodology aligns the risks and rewards of a project between the owner and the contractor.

The basis for project partnering is a target price with shared savings for achievement of goals. I have found that target price projects to be the single biggest value adder for maintenance alliances! Alignment of goals results in superior project performance. The results obtained by this methodology have been outstanding.

I have experience with over a dozen large target price projects. On average, these projects provided cost savings of 11% as compared to lump sum bids. These projects also increased contractor profitability by 50% or more. Additionally, safety, quality and schedule performance were improved.

Contact Dennis at 812 249-7977 or for discussion and specifics on how project partnering can benefit you!