Outage Chart 1

Outages and shutdowns of your facility are among the most important activities regarding your annual budget and subsequent equipment performance and reliability. Millions of dollars are spent during these times. It is of critical importance to “plan the work” and “work the plan” to ensure a safe, productive, high quality, environmentally compliant outage/shutdown.

Dennis has 40 years’ experience in this regard. He has facilitated outages big and small ranging from $1M to $75M. Experience such as his is difficult to find in the marketplace. Not only does he have the skills, knowledge and experience to plan and schedule your outage/shutdown, he will do so in an economical manner.

Dennis has outstanding communication and facilitation skills; these skills enable productive meetings and construction discussion. Dennis does the work with your staff to obtain information and present it in a manner that makes your decision making easier. Dennis facilitates, he does not decide.

Why hire a person or staff for an outage or shutdown that occurs infrequently? Why not hire Dennis to cost effectively facilitate an outage/shutdown for you?

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Do you perform significant amounts of preventive and predictive maintenance? If not, you are wasting time and money. The optimum blend of corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance yields the highest reliability and lowest cost for equipment.

Dennis has decades of experience putting together PM and PdM programs that make sense to the people doing the work...
the craftspeople of your facility!

It is not enough to have awareness of the elements of a world class PM/PdM program, one must have the implementation skills to make these programs work together. These programs must also grow and be sustainable for years to come!

Dennis has the skill sets necessary for implementation as well as the technical expertise to understand and manage facilities and equipment.

Contractor Oversight

Oversight of contractors requires significant expertise and field experience. Dennis has decades of experience as an owner, project manager and contractor.

When Dennis is overseeing your contractors you can be confident that you have someone watching out for your best interests particularly regarding safety, cost, quality and schedule!

Dennis will provide these services regardless of the day of the week or the hour of the day or night. You will be amazed at the information provided to you and the performance of the contractors.

Project Facilitation Services

Bottom Line Results is expert at project facilitation. We focus upon the primary project components: cost, safety, schedule, quality.

Written project plans are developed for primary project components. These project plans become the basis for periodic project meetings. Dennis has the technical expertise to facilitate these meetings.

Dennis has expertise at conducting meetings that make them an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Yes, let me say that again, an enjoyable and productive meeting!

Dennis ensures that every meeting contains the following components: agenda, around the room, time limit, action items, handouts, meeting notes.

The bottom line result is that communication is enhanced. Proactivity is improved. Thus the project itself is performed in the best possible manner!

Safety Management

Do you know and understand the safety pyramid? Do you have KPI's in place that predict safety performance or do you simply report after the fact?

Are you using JSA's? How about RCA's? How effective is your safety committee? Bottom Line Results can help you achieve outstanding safety performance at your facility!


Let Bottom Line Results write your technical reports for you! By utilizing the combination of wordsmithing skills and technical knowledge, Dennis can assemble a technical report that is concise yet very communicative.

Equipment inspections and outage reports can be assembled economically. This is often the most difficult and time consuming thing for maintenance personnel to do…let Bottom Line Results do this for you!

Oftentimes these reports can be assembled without a visit to the site; photographs and handwritten notes can be turned into a report that clearly documents the given situation.