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  • Work Practices

    Without well defined work practices, employees do not perform at their highest capability. Leadership demonstrates their care and concern […]

    Work Practices

Success Stories

  • Power Plant Director

    While the deliverable of this project was a written document, and I feel great about the document that was produced, that document is actually the least valuable thing I am taking away. The items that I learned during the meetings about your experiences, your organizational skills, your skills at dealing with and handling all different types of people and personalities, and always maintaining a "Merry Christmas" attitude proved much more valuable. You have the gift of motivation and inspiration and I hope that you are able to continue to develop and grow this skill set as I believe that you will be able to benefit and inspire a lot of people in the process.

  • Safety Professional

    I was very encouraged by staff working together as a LOTO team to create this program and improve the safety for all maintenance employees. I think you did a great job including the crafts and trades and leadership staff as a part of the LOTO team. I cannot emphasize enough that I thought your inclusivity during meetings and during the LOTO authorized training was great. You allowed for discussion and as a result, I believe this program will do very well!

  • Project Engineer

    Mr. Watson is a first class coach for a plant maintenance organization. I highly recommend his process and personal delivery to plants committed to getting the next level of excellence.

    Mr. Watson was well prepared for each meeting. He had paper copies of meeting materials ready for each attendee. I benefitted from his teaching on holding efficient and professional technical meetings.