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Sales Representation

Bottom Line Results will represent your organization as your sales representative. We become an extension of your company in every way. We will utilize your sales materials or we can develop them for you. We will take our direction from you.

We can call on existing customers to expand your business. We will call on prospective customers to establish your business.

Dennis has decades of experience with contracted services and goods. He knows and understands the audience you are trying to reach. Dennis has been an owner and a contractor; he is fluent in the language of contracted services.

You can focus on profitability; Dennis will focus on customers! Best of all, these services are charged as a percentage of sales volume.

If we don't don't pay!

Customer Service Feedback

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Customer service feedback: do you solicit it? Customer service feedback can make or break your business. Knowing how to solicit feedback is the key to obtaining it.

We can solicit and quantify feedback from your customers. We can take that feedback and cause it to be incorporated in your work processes.

Happy customers = repeat customers! The best advertising is word of mouth among customers!

Other Services

We can represent you at trade shows and conferences. We can help you to incorporate technology into your workplace.

Project Partnering

Dennis has developed methodology to reduce risk and improve profitability on projects. Project partnering not only does this; it generates significant repeat business. Owners love it, contractors love it!

Let Dennis explain to you how project partnering can significantly lower project costs...
increase contractor profitability...
generate significant repeat business...
all while reducing contractor and owner risk!


Bottom Line Results is an authorized sales representative and account manager for Orbital Engineering and Technical Services. Orbital provides world class engineering services to the utilities, chemical, manufacturing, mining and refining industries.

In addition to engineering services, Orbital provides drone and robotic technology that greatly benefits facility and equipment maintenance.

Bottom Line Results is proud to represent Orbital due to their congruent values and focus on outstanding customer service. Read about “The Orbital Advantages” here.

To find out more about Orbital Engineering and Technical services, please contact Dennis at